What is the urban economy?

The concept of urban economy refers to the area of ​​science that relates economic and urban science. The urban economy studies the economic systems produced in the population in order to carry out analysis of the different urban economic strategies and to be able to translate it, later, into urban planning, projects or programs by a certain public organization.

In order to carry it out, urban spaces, infrastructures and all those characteristics that may be the object of study and have to do with urban planning are analyzed, as long as it is related to urban centers.

On the other hand, the urban economy also makes a analysis DAFO urban centers as well as the economic and business activities carried out in them. Comparative analysis is made in relation to the location with other urban centers and also within the same population center.

It is from these analyzes that conclusions are drawn about the plans for the establishment and improvement of economic activities; In other words, plans, programs and projects are created through the information obtained and taking into account aspects related to business and commercial urban planning, tourism and services that have to do with improving urban quality.

To conclude, we must also indicate that the study of the urban economy will make it possible to know those labor shortages in which it is necessary in a certain sector and provide sufficient means to act. Hence, the study of the urban economy is necessary: ​​it allows promoting and finding solutions in time for a certain area.

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