What is the unit price?

Listing all products with different quantities can be a bit confusing when generating bills. The billing regulations require that the concept of unit price appear, to avoid this type of mess. When we talk about unit price, as the name suggests, we mean the quantity per unit (which has only been counted once) of a … Read more

What is Unit Linked?

The definition of Unit Linked is the savings product based on life insurance that covers death, retirement or disability, and where the contributions made are invested in a basket of fondos de inversiĆ³n or portfolio of securities, which is selected according to the risk profile of the policyholder, who in this case also plays the … Read more

What is the useful life of an asset?

The concept of the useful life of an asset refers to the period of time during which a certain asset of a company is expected to contribute to the generation of income. To determine the useful life of an asset, wear and tear, the participation of natural factors, changes in the demand for goods or … Read more

What is usucapion?

The definition of usucapion, also known as acquisitive prescription, is the way of acquiring ownership of a thing and other real rights through the continued possession of these rights as the owner throughout the period established by law. The concept of usucapion comes from the Latin 'usus and capere', which means to acquire by use. … Read more

What does underweight mean?

Underweight is about valuing something (be it a good or a service) based on both economic and non-economic criteria below its fair market value. Normally, this term is used when valuing a financial asset, and more commonly in the trading. This underweight occurs when the expected value or return value of that financial asset is … Read more

What is cyclical unemployment?

Cyclical unemployment is that unemployment that originates due to fluctuations in economic activity in a given country. This means that the different economic cycles that an economy goes through (such as crisis, recession, expansion phases, etc.) increases or decreases the unemployment rates. Causes of cyclical unemployment Among the most frequent causes of cyclical unemployment (which, … Read more

Definition of usufruct

The usufruct is a real right that offers the possibility of enjoying the property of another person, the usufructuary, even if he does not have the property. In this sense, you have the right to enjoy the good and obtain its fruits, both in kind and financially. Among the characteristics of usufruct, we highlight that … Read more

What is a currency?

We have heard of the term forex many times, especially in the financial arena. When we speak of currency, we refer to any official foreign currency that is different from ours. In the case of Spain, the dollar, the British pound, the yen, the Swiss franc … are examples of foreign currencies. Therefore, the Euro … Read more

What is unfair competition?

The concept of unfair competition is used to refer to the behavior of any professional or employer that is contrary to the requirements of good faith. It is understood that this is the case when it does not conform to practices considered as honest or that seeks to alter the behavior of the client. Here … Read more

What is the unit labor cost?

When we talk about unit labor cost we refer to a measure that tells us how much it costs us to have a certain worker in a company based on the productivity it offers. In other words, we mean the fraction of the productivity that the worker has to divert to remuneration of the salaried … Read more