Junior Accountant.

A junior accountant is a professional who provides support to senior accountants and performs basic accounting tasks. Junior accountants typically have a college degree in accounting or a related field and may be working towards becoming a certified public accountant (CPA). Their duties may include preparing financial statements, maintaining ledgers, and preparing tax returns. How … Read more

What Is Bond Insurance?

Bond insurance is insurance that protects bondholders from the risk of a bond issuer defaulting on its debt obligations. The insurance is provided by a third-party insurer, and it typically covers the full value of the bond. Bond insurance can make bonds more attractive to investors, since it reduces the risk of investing in them. … Read more

What is hoarding?

Hoarding refers to a monopolistic practice that can be carried out in the mercado and that consists of making the price of a product more expensive by freezing its supply. In this way, the products can be sold at a price higher than the price that would be sold if the offer were not frozen. … Read more