What is a KPI?

KPI is the acronym for Key Performance Indicators, which translated into Spanish could be key performance indicators. KPI indicators are used to quantify the results of a specific strategy or action according to set objectives. Through this system it is possible to measure the success of the actions. KPI in marketing In online marketing the … Read more

What is an Entrepreneurship Hub?

An entrepreneurship hub is a physical space in which professionals from a certain sector gather with investors and startups or innovative companies. This concept has changed over time until reaching our society in a totally different way than it was initially. In the entrepreneurship hub there are entrepreneurs who are committed to innovation but who … Read more

Definition of Holding

It is known as holding (holding company or parent company) the organization or group of companies in which one of them owns all or most of the shares of another company or company with the aim of exercising total control over it. There are holdings that are created with the help of banks and other … Read more

What is human capital?

In economic terms, human capital is defined as the set of human resources with which a company has to develop its activity. Human capital is therefore a way of assessing and quantifying the personal skills of each member of the company. History of the human capital concept The term human capital arose around the XNUMXth … Read more

What is hoarding?

Hoarding refers to a monopolistic practice that can be carried out in the mercado and that consists of making the price of a product more expensive by freezing its supply. In this way, the products can be sold at a price higher than the price that would be sold if the offer were not frozen. … Read more

What is the primary surplus?

The term primary surplus is the difference between the expenses that a State has and the income obtained from the collection of its taxes. If these spending are greater than ingresos (In which interest payments on public debt should not be included, we will have a primary surplus; if they are lower, we will have … Read more

What is headhunting?

Headhunting is the technique used by the headhunter (or "headhunter"). It is about looking for information about a person's work profile without their active participation, in order to finally incorporate it as a professional to a company or project. This technique is becoming more and more common, especially in companies in which a very specific … Read more