The Ins and Outs of Bonuses.

A bonus is a form of financial compensation paid to an employee in addition to their regular salary or wages. The purpose of a bonus is to recognize and reward employees for their exceptional performance or results. Bonuses are typically paid out in cash, but they can also be paid in stock or other forms … Read more

Leasehold Improvements: Definitions, Accounting, and Examples.

Leasehold Improvements: Definition, Accounting, and Examples What is leasehold improvements in accounting? Leasehold improvements are improvements made to a property by a tenant, at the tenant’s expense, for the purpose of making the space more suitable for the tenant’s specific business needs. These improvements become the property of the landlord once the tenant vacates the … Read more

Contributory Value.

Contributory value is the portion of a property’s value that is attributable to the improvements made by the owner. The contributory value of a property is used to determine the owner’s equity in the property, as well as the amount of any potential loss in the event of a sale. The contributory value may also … Read more

What is Take Profit?

In concept Take Profit is a technical term in English that is used in the stock market and that can be complex to understand but we can say that it is a very widespread technique together with the stop loss. A Take profit is a way of operating that consists of closing the position at … Read more