What is Taylorism?

Taylorism refers to the division of different tasks in the production process in order to increase the productivity and avoid that there is control over workers. This theory of the organization of work was developed by the American economist Frederick Winslow Taylor, hence the system bears his surname. It is a concept that is closely … Read more

What is a tribute?

In economic terms, a tribute is a type of payment or contribution that the members of a society make on a mandatory basis to the State, which is supposed to distribute this income according to the needs of the country or region. Taxes are usually paid based on a taxable event, which is the circumstance … Read more

What is trading?

The trading concept is one of the most popular stock investment methods. It has quite peculiar operations, which allows obtaining many small profits on a constant basis, but it can also lead to a series of losses as a result of errors in planning or strategies. The meaning of trading on the stock market implies … Read more

What is the Top of Mind?

The English expression Top of Mind, which in Spanish would mean the first in the mind, is normally used in the sector of the marketing. This term is used to define the high positioning of a brand among consumers. The top of mind is a kind of marketing metric. Examples of brands in the Top … Read more

What is McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y?

Theory X and theory Y developed by Douglas McGregor are two perspectives by which people have a different attitude in relation to the management of people and work. This means that, depending on our focus, we will see the work as one way or another. It is a challenging approach to Taylorism, conceiving the worker … Read more

Tax Base

The tax base is the amount on which the amount of a certain tax to be paid by a natural or legal person is calculated. To calculate the amount of the tax, what you do is multiply the tax base by a certain percentage, which is called the tax rate. In Personal Income Tax, or … Read more

What are company threats?

In the business field, the concept of threats refers to adverse or negative situations from outside that organizations face. Many of the threats are situations originated by the emergence of new competitors or as a result of the socio-political context. Threats are a part of the analysis SWOT, which also includes the weaknesses, strengths and … Read more

What is the tax exemption?

The definition of tax exemption refers to interest that is free of federal taxes. The concept of tax exemption is a tax legal term, a deduction allowed by the Government to reduce the amount of income that would be taxed as a general rule. Without the privilege of tax exemption, taxpayers and / or consumers … Read more