What is the tax base?

The concept of tax base is based on the amount that has been attributed to any asset, liabilities and assets of a company for tax purposes, and which is regulated by tax laws. We can also say that the tax base in accounting is the amount of all assets, liabilities and parts of the equity … Read more

What is a tagline?

In terms of marketingBeing resourceful, recurring and having a sense of humor is essential to be able to carry out certain strategies. You may know the concept of a slogan, as it represents the text that accompanies the campaign launched by a company. The term tagline is something similar to the slogan, since it represents … Read more

What is fiduciary?

The word fiduciary is normally used in economic fields to refer to a person or a thing. This word has its origin in the Latin term fiduciarius, in which the Latin root fidus means faith. Hence, the term fiduciary refers on many occasions to certain types of agreements that are based on trust. Trustee in … Read more

What is a tariff?

The concept of tariff refers to the rate or impuesto which applies above all to imports with the purpose of protecting the local business fabric. Tariffs are also often used on exports, with the aim of increasing tax collection. The application of tariffs takes place in a protectionist economic policy, which seeks to favor the … Read more

What is the Technocracy and what are its characteristics?

Technocracy refers to an ideological, scientific and rational positioning that applies to some systems of government, politics and economic management. This form of government is committed to the fact that the problems and issues in the areas that we have mentioned above should be based on quantifiable results and rational measurements instead of on subjective … Read more

What is the notional value of a share?

The notional value of a share (or theoretical book value) refers to the book value that a company should have. To do this, the information necessary to calculate it is extracted from the balance sheet of said company. How is the theoretical book value of a company calculated? For its calculation we will have to … Read more

What is tooling?

A definition of tooling is the set of tools or utensils that can be used independently or in conjunction with machinery, including templates and molds. They are responsible for optimizing the execution of operations within the manufacturing process through the positioning and fastening of parts to a reference system to perform actions of different characteristics. … Read more

What is a transferor?

A transferor is the person or act of renouncing an asset, a right, a acción or a security in favor of another person or entity. This usually happens in exchange for a contraprestación, either monetary or in goods equivalent to it, unless it is a donation. There are two people in this act: the transferor, … Read more

What is an A / B Test?

The definition of A / B Test refers to the development and launch of two versions of the same element to measure and check which one works better. In the field of digital marketing industry This test is used to optimize an email marketing strategy or improve the effectiveness of a landing page. What is … Read more

What is truncation?

Truncation implies the possibility of replacing the original documents with computerized records for collection through payment systems. It is a procedure by which the entity that takes a document transmits the information about it to the released entity, without the need to send the original document "truncated" to carry out the operation. The documents that … Read more