Social Choice Theory Definition.

Social Choice Theory is a branch of economics that looks at how people make decisions in groups. It studies how collective preferences are formed and how they are used to make decisions. The theory has been used to study a wide range of topics, including voting, jury decision making, and resource allocation. What is the … Read more

Trading Book.

A trading book is a portfolio of financial instruments held by a financial institution for the purpose of trading. The instruments in a trading book are bought and sold for many reasons including to take advantage of market movements, to hedge other positions, or to provide liquidity to the market. The term “trading book” is … Read more

What Is a Sales Meeting?

A sales meeting is a gathering of individuals who have been invited by a company to learn more about its products or services. Sales meetings are typically led by a sales manager or other senior company representative, and they often include a presentation, product demonstration, and Q&A session. The purpose of a sales meeting is … Read more