An allonge is a document that is attached to a promissory note or other negotiable instrument for the purpose of providing additional space to write endorsements. An allonge is not valid if it is not physically attached to the negotiable instrument. Why are there 2 notes on a reverse mortgage? There are two notes on … Read more

Non-Qualifying Investment Definition.

An investment that does not qualify for special tax treatment. For example, certain types of investments, such as those in life insurance contracts and annuities, qualify for special tax treatment that allows the investor to defer taxes on the investment income. Other investments, such as those in collectibles and precious metals, do not qualify for … Read more

What is austerity?

Economic austerity or austerity refers to the política económica that tries to reduce the public spending and increase the taxes of a certain country. This economic policy tries to increase the levels of public collection through taxes and minimize the public spending that the State has before citizens. The ultimate goal of this type of … Read more