What is a supportive administrator?

In the event that the administration of a company is attributed to a plurality of administrators, they may act in solidarity or jointly. The administrators will act jointly and severally, if each of them can dispose of the assets and liabilities of the company, contract obligations and acquire rights, without the need to concur to … Read more

What is austerity?

Economic austerity or austerity refers to the política económica that tries to reduce the public spending and increase the taxes of a certain country. This economic policy tries to increase the levels of public collection through taxes and minimize the public spending that the State has before citizens. The ultimate goal of this type of … Read more

What is autarky?

From an economic point of view, autarky consists of an economic system oriented towards self-sufficiency or self-sufficiency. In other words, the economy aspires to produce all the resources it needs, minimizing foreign trade. It is also called a self-sufficient economy. How do self-sufficient economies work? Autarky is a system in which the economy tends to … Read more

What is proration?

According to the RAE, apportioning means "Proportional distribution of a quantity among several". In general, apportionment consists of the distribution of a monetary amount or cost among one or more individuals over time. It is usually used in the accounting area to be able to distribute the cost that you want. It can be used … Read more

What is an Ad Exchange?

A definition of Ad Exchange would be the online meeting point where offer and demand converge to carry out the purchase and sale of advertising space. It makes it easier for the media and advertisers to agree on the commercial process, thus achieving an optimal result for all parties. The Ad Exchange is the main … Read more

What is a freelancer?

Un autonomic It is a type of worker who carries out an economic activity for profit on a regular basis and on his own account. The self-employed are also called self-employed or individual entrepreneurs. The self-employed have the advantage that they make their own decisions and do not have superiors or bosses to command them. … Read more

What is a partner company?

The most correct or accepted definition of associated company is one that defines it as a company in which another company (called the parent company) owns a stake. However, the actual definition can vary infinitely depending on the country, the applicable legality or even, as the concept of is used. A partner company can be … Read more

What is Jensen’s Alpha?

Jensen's Alpha or Jensen's Alpha is an indicator that measures the ability of an investment portfolio manager to achieve returns above the risk-adjusted benchmark index that it indicates. In other words, it is about comparing the difference obtained by a fund or portfolio against a benchmarking with the same amount of risk. If we compare … Read more

What does Abintestato mean?

The term of intestate is a term that comes from Latin and that means "without a will", referring specifically to judicial procedures derived from will (in this case null) of some person. We are going to detail what it consists of. When a person dies, it is necessary that a will has been previously drawn … Read more

What is an amortization table?

An amortization table is a table where the payment schedule that a company or individual must face to which a loan is granted appears. It will show the different payments that the borrower will bear during the duration of the loan. The term of the loan repayment table includes the status of the return of … Read more