Cash-on-Cash Yield Definition.

The cash-on-cash yield is a metric used to assess the profitability of a real estate investment. It is calculated by dividing the annual cash flow from the investment by the total amount of cash invested. For example, if an investor purchases a property for $100,000 and receives $10,000 in annual cash flow from the investment, … Read more

Cash Reserves Definition.

The cash reserves definition is the amount of cash that a bank is required to hold in its reserve account, as stipulated by the central bank. The reserve requirements vary from country to country, and are typically a percentage of the bank’s total deposits. For example, if a bank has deposits of $100 million and … Read more

What is a credit note?

An credit note it is a document that serves to demonstrate a refund. It is usually issued when after an invoice has been issued, there is an error in it, the products are incorrect or damaged or, a cancellation is given or a discount is applied on it, for which there will be a refund … Read more