Alpha Generator.

An alpha generator is a tool used by quantitative analysts to generate alpha, or return above the market return, from a given investment. The alpha generator takes into account a variety of factors, including the asset’s price, volatility, and liquidity, in order to generate a return that is higher than what the market would offer. … Read more

Capital Allowance.

A capital allowance is an amount that can be deducted from the taxable profit of a business for a particular year. The purpose of capital allowances is to encourage businesses to invest in capital equipment by providing tax relief. There are two main types of capital allowance: 1. Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) The AIA is … Read more

What is a Brokerage Firm House Call?

A “house call” is a visit from a representative of a brokerage firm, typically to a client’s home or office. The representative may be a broker, an investment adviser, or a salesperson. The purpose of the visit is to get to know the client, understand their investment goals, and discuss potential investment opportunities. House calls … Read more

What is a toxic asset?

Toxic assets are a type of asset normally of the type Investment fund characterized by having a high risk in relation to the possibilities of recovering its value. Toxic assets are created after the granting of innumerable mortgages to people and entities with a low economic solvency. These mortgages were usually formalized with a mortgage … Read more