What Is Modified Duration?

Modified duration is a measure of a bond’s price sensitivity to changes in interest rates. It is calculated as the percentage change in the price of a bond for a given change in interest rates. For example, if a bond has a modified duration of 5, then a 1% increase in interest rates will lead … Read more

Speed Resistance Lines.

Speed Resistance Lines (SRL) are a technical analysis tool that are used to predict future price movements of a security. They are created by drawing a line from the highest high to the lowest low of a recent price move, and then extending that line into the future. The theory behind SRLs is that prices … Read more

What is the average ripening period?

The mean maturation period, PMM or simply mean period, is a unit of measurement used in manufacturing and production processes. In these areas, the average maturation period is defined as the time that elapses from when factors of production are acquired through the intervention of monetary units, until these factors are transformed into liquidity, after … Read more