What does Maquila mean?

Maquila is a term that is used in the context of administration, of the organization of the , business and management. Specifically, it is usually used to talk about those inputs or technologies that are acquired by importing and employing a local labor force, destined to produce products for subsequent export. Specifically, the maquila allows … Read more

What is market positioning?

The definition of market positioning consists of clarifying in which position the product or service of a compared to others that provide the market with similar items. A correct market positioning ensures that an article is considered unique, helping the user to use it when obtaining a specific benefit. A correct market positioning allows an … Read more

What is the average ripening period?

The mean maturation period, PMM or simply mean period, is a unit of measurement used in manufacturing and production processes. In these areas, the average maturation period is defined as the time that elapses from when factors of production are acquired through the intervention of monetary units, until these factors are transformed into liquidity, after … Read more

What is a market segment?

Market segmentation is a process that divides the total market of a service or in several groups of a smaller size and that internally are presented as homogeneous. The aim of this segmentation is to know consumers a little more in depth and identify similar groups of customers with the aim of adapting the product … Read more

What is marketing?

The concept of marketing refers to the set of strategies to improve business results based on experiences, expectations and customers. It encompasses from research to distribution and the reception. This term implies the analysis of the commercial management of the company and the fundamental objective is to retain the customers they currently have, while trying … Read more

What is market share?

The market share (market share in English) represents the percentage of the total market that that company has. In other words, of the amount of sales generated in that market, what percentage does that particular business represent? As a general rule, the market share is calculated in a specific period of time. For example, imagine … Read more

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage or mortgage loan is a contractlong-term through which a person, natural or legal, lends a certain amount of money to another person, the debtor, for the purchase of a home. With this, in the event of a non-payment by the debtor, the creditor is entitled to claim the property to offset the debt. … Read more

What is market value?

The meaning of market value is the value of a good, product or service, determined by supply and demand of the market at a given time. It is the net amount that a seller could get from the sale of that service or product. Other definition of market value is the estimated amount for which … Read more

What is market power?

When we think of a perfect competition model, we refer to the type of economía which is guided by the price of goods and services, without the individual actions of a natural or legal person being able to intercede in the least. However, when we move away from this idyllic model, the concept of market … Read more

What is money

Although we all know what money is, providing a clear and precise definition of this term is not as easy as identifying it. In a simple way we can define the word money as banknotes and coins that we use to meet our payment obligations. Historically the word money arises from the Latin word a.Name … Read more