What is the monetary system?

We understand that today a monetary system is the set of mechanisms that a country uses to create and manufacture money and its subsequent regulation. Furthermore, monetary systems are controlled with the presence and intervention of regulatory entities. Such as the Bank of Spain or the European Central Bank. The mission of these entities in … Read more

Definition of m-commerce

M-commerce or Mobile Commerce is a type of electronic commerce that uses the mobile phone to carry out transactions for the purchase and sale of products or services, either through a browser or an application. Although mobile commerce is not as developed as E-commerce, The truth is that it is growing significantly with the improvement … Read more

What is marginal revenue?

When we speak of marginal income we refer to the increase in total income originated by the sale of one more unit of product. This means, how much income has increased when one more unit of product is sold: how much increase in income is the extra unit sold. If the company we are considering … Read more

What is a mortgage?

The concept of mortgage credit refers to the amount of money that a client requests by committing to return it through periodic installments, in addition to a series of associated interests. It is generally backed by a home guarantee, under conditions established in agreement with the financial institution and reflected in a contract. There are … Read more

What is black money?

The name of black money is given to money that is not declared before the competent fiscal or monetary authorities of the country where the transaction has been made. Money laundering is based on the operation of converting said black money into money obtained legally, a procedure used by people who act criminally (drug traffickers, … Read more

What is MIBOR?

Mibor is the acronym in English for Madrid InterBank Offered Rate, which means interbank interest rate of the capital market from Madrid. The Mibor rate is therefore an interbank interest rate. That is, it is used in the operations of loan and capital between different financial entities. The Mibor represents an average. That of the … Read more

What is a multinational company?

A multinational company is one whose scope of action transcends other countries in which it carries out its productive or commercial activity. Looking for a correct definition of a multinational company, we found that in most cases the profits obtained by the parent company will return to the country of the main company. In particular, … Read more

What is the BCG Matrix?

The BCG Matrix or Boston Consulting Group Matrix is ​​a growth matrix that serves to know the product portfolio of a certain company and its viability económica. The BCG matrix was developed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in the 70s, and tries to analyze the products / services of a company based on: The … Read more

Definition of Microenterprise

A microenterprise is generally a small independent business, which is why in some countries it is known as a small business. Depending on the legislation of the country, the requirements of microenterprises vary, but in Spain you must meet the following conditions to be considered a business: That its number of employees does not exceed … Read more

Market study

Market research is a systematic process of collecting and analyzing information about customers, competitors and the type of market that the company will find. Carrying out this task will facilitate the implementation of a business plan, the improvement of an existing product or the launch of a new one, or the expansion to other markets. … Read more