What Is a Treasury Receipt?

A treasury receipt is a document that proves that the holder has paid the government for a treasury bond. The receipt is also proof of ownership of the bond. What is bond term structure? The term structure of bonds refers to the relationship between bond prices and maturity dates. The term structure can be graphically … Read more

Debit Balance.

A debit balance is the amount of money owed by a customer to a business. This can be the result of a customer not paying for goods or services rendered, or it can be the result of a business not providing goods or services that were paid for in advance. A debit balance may also … Read more

What is antichresis?

The word antichresis designates the contract that is made when a real estate and that acts as a guarantee of a future payment. The property of the asset passes to the creditor, allowing him to receive the use and exploitation income corresponding to the asset. The duration of the antichresis is extended until the borrower … Read more