Conservative Investing.

Conservative investing is a risk-averse investment strategy that focuses on preserving capital and generating income. Conservative investors typically invest in blue chip stocks, government bonds, and cash equivalents. They avoid high-risk investments, such as penny stocks, and prefer to stick with tried-and-true investments that have a history of stability and profitability. What are 5 different … Read more

Block Policy.

A block policy is an insurance policy that covers a group of policyholders under one contract. Block policies are often used to insure multiple properties under one contract, or to insure a group of people with similar risk profiles. What does COP mean in insurance? COP stands for “certificate of insurance.” It is a document … Read more

Learn about Absolute Return.

The term “absolute return” refers to the actual return on an investment, without taking into account any inflation or other factors. In other words, it is the “real” return on an investment. It is important to note that absolute return is different from “relative return.” Relative return takes into account factors such as inflation and … Read more

What is the Product Portfolio?

A product portfolio is the total of products and services that a keeps for sale and for which it receives income. The size of the product portfolio The concepts that define the dimension of the product portfolio are the following: Length. They are all products that are sold Amplitude. Number of product lines. For example: … Read more