What is packaging?

The concept of packaging encompasses everything that involves the inclusion or protection of products for distribution, storage and sale. That is, the wrapping, labeling and packaging of commercial items. In marketing, packaging is a presentation letter for products, so it must focus above all on capturing the attention of consumers and being a communication window … Read more

What is price discrimination?

Price discrimination is a marketing strategy based on charging different prices for the same product, despite the fact that the cost of production is always the same. This technique is common and occurs normally in situations of monopoly, in which a company controls the market and seeks to maximize profits in this way. Types of … Read more

What is a preferential agreement?

When there are preferential agreements, we can intuit that there is a mutual reduction pact of duty between two or more countries. This means that, thanks to the reduction of tariffs from one country to another, countries will reduce or modify their tariffs objectively among themselves. However, the existence of preferential agreements does not have … Read more

What is a Terminal at the Point of Sale?

The definition of point of sale terminal (POS) is the device or set of them that are used to manage sales tasks to the public in a commercial premises. The point of sale terminals are made up of software (computer program) and hardware (physical part), facilitating the printing of tickets, checkout control, inventory management and … Read more

What is profitability?

The term profitability refers to the benefits obtained or that can be obtained from an investment made previously. This concept is very important both in business and in investment, since it allows us to know the capacity of a company to remunerate the financial resources used. Profitability types It is necessary to basically distinguish between … Read more

What is productivity?

Although the concept of productivity has been generalized and is used in relation to any type of activity in order to measure its effectiveness, productivity, in origin, is linked to production. That is to say, we speak of productivity taking into account the variations in products produced or services performed, and the variations in the … Read more

What is an impression in digital marketing?

En digital marketing industry, the measurements of different parameters becomes fundamental. For an advertising campaign or advertisement to better fit the target audience, we must measure certain parameters and see the impact, reaction or information that it throws at us. The concept of printing is one of the most basic and fundamental in digital advertising. … Read more

What is the SSL protocol?

SSL (secure socket layer) is a security protocol that aims to ensure that the transmission of data over the Internet between a server and a user, or vice versa, is completely safe. The SSL encrypted connection protocol can be used by any Internet application manufacturer, one of its great advantages being that it can be … Read more

What is the principle of relative importance?

The principle of relative importance or materiality is one of the most important rules established in accounting that serves to determine whether or not it is necessary to apply some of the accounting principles reflected in the Generally accepted accounting principles. Thus, the concept of the principle of relative importance does not intervene in the … Read more

What is a Public Subscription Offer?

The public subscription offering (OPS) is a procedure in which a qualified investor or retail investor acquires public securities of a company. To make a public subscription offer, the company will need to make a capital increase, where one or more of the shareholders renounce the pre-emptive subscription right and issue new shares before selling … Read more