De Novo Judicial Review Definition.

De Novo Judicial Review Definition: De novo judicial review is a process used by courts to review a lower court’s decision. This type of review allows the court to make its own determination on the case, without being bound by the lower court’s decision. De novo review can be used when the lower court’s decision … Read more


The SEC Form N-CSR is a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that provides detailed information about a company’s investment portfolio. This information includes the types of securities held, the value of those securities, and the performance of the portfolio. The N-CSR is similar to the SEC Form N-Q, but focuses on investment companies … Read more

What is an auction?

The auction is about a auction public property of movable character with intervention of the justice or the administration. The fundamental objective of this operation is to grant the sale of said goods to those who offer more for them. The objectives that the administration wants to achieve with this is to be able to … Read more