Perpetuity: Financial Definition, Formula, and Examples.

. What is perpetuity? Perpetuity is an annuity that pays out indefinitely. The payments do not have a fixed end date, and they continue as long as the recipient is alive. What are the 3 types of annuities? There are three primary types of annuities: immediate, deferred, and indexed. Immediate annuities begin making payments to … Read more

What Is a Tax Deduction?

A tax deduction is an expense that can be subtracted from your taxable income. This lowers your overall taxable income, which can save you money on your taxes. Many common expenses can be deducted, including charitable donations, business expenses, and interest paid on loans. What tax deductions can I claim without receipts? There are a … Read more

War Exclusion Clause.

A War Exclusion Clause is a type of clause often found in insurance contracts which excludes coverage for any loss or damage caused by war, invasion, or hostilities (whether war is declared or not). The clause may also exclude coverage for civil war, insurrection, or rebellion. What are the two categories of exclusions? There are … Read more

What is a strategic business unit?

A definition of a strategic business unit can be the set of activities carried out by a company for which a common strategy can be set and different from those of the rest of the company's activities. This strategy is autonomous from the rest, but it is not completely independent since all the strategies of … Read more