Hikkake Pattern.

The hikkake pattern is a candlestick charting pattern that can be used to predict reversals and continuation moves in the markets. The hikkake pattern is made up of three candlesticks, with the middle candlestick being the key to the pattern. The first candlestick is a small bearish or bullish candlestick that closes near the middle … Read more

What Is Debt Security?

Definition, Types, and How to Invest. What is a debt security? A debt security is a type of investment that represents a loan that has been made by an entity to another entity. Debt securities are typically issued by corporations and governments in order to raise funds for their operations. There are various types of … Read more

What is financial lock-up?

The definition of lock-up is the period of time in which a certain operation cannot be performed. The reasons for these closing periods vary depending on the type of product. Why do a financial lock-up? For example in the field of fondos de inversión, the lock-up is the period of time during which the entry … Read more