After-Tax Real Rate of Return.

The after-tax real rate of return is the return on an investment after taking into account taxes and inflation. This rate is useful in comparing different investments, as it reflects the true return on an investment after accounting for the effects of taxes and inflation. To calculate the after-tax real rate of return, first, the … Read more

Exchanges Offer a Platform for Trading.

An exchange is a marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to trade securities. Exchanges offer a platform for trading that allows market participants to buy and sell securities. The exchange provides the framework for trading, including the rules and regulations that govern trading, and the infrastructure to support trading. The exchange brings together buyers … Read more

Understanding No-Shop Clauses.

A no-shop clause is a provision in an agreement that prohibits one or more parties from soliciting or entering into agreements with competing businesses. No-shop clauses are typically found in employment agreements, non-compete agreements, and exclusive supply agreements. The purpose of a no-shop clause is to protect the interests of the party who is party … Read more

What is negotiation?

The concept of negotiation, key to understanding the world Training business, refers to the process of exchanging information and promises in which two or more interested parties intervene. These parties, who have common interests, try to reach a common agreement that benefits them equally. Given that the most characteristic feature of negotiation is the power … Read more