Normal-Course Issuer Bid (NCIB)

The term normal course issuder bid, of Canadian origin, refers to the repurchase of one’s own shares by a public company in order to cancel them. It is thus a repurchase of own shares that is used by publicly traded companies in Canada. The NCIB is a practice used mainly for the following reasons: To … Read more

What are registered shares?

Registered shares are those shares of a company or society that include the name of the owner who owns them. In this case, the actions they are issued with the name of the shareholder to which they belong. But registered shares are not only characterized by the way in which they are issued, but unlike … Read more

What is a newsletter?

It is understood by newsletter, a newsletter or update bulletin. That is, a publication that sends to its clients or interested persons, who have previously given their consent. Originally the meaning of newsletter was the letter that was sent by ordinary mail with the news or news. Hence its name. However, with the digital revolution … Read more

What is neuromarketing?

The definition of neuromarketing refers to the application of neuroscience techniques to marketing. Its purpose is to know and understand the levels of attention that people show to different stimuli. In this way, the behavior of people is explained from the basis of their neuronal activity. These techniques try to find out which stimuli people … Read more

What is the face value?

Face value is a concept used in various sciences, including economía. Even within this area, the nominal value meets various definitions and concepts depending on the area in which it is applied. However, and in a generic way, we can define nominal value as the value assigned to a title or article. Serving to express … Read more

What is a non-tariff barrier?

Non-tariff barriers are all those measures filed by a State to protect the country's economy and trade that do not involve the payment of a impuesto. Unlike tariff barriers, this type of tariff It does not involve the payment of a tax, but rather hinders or prevents the importation of certain goods and services through … Read more

What is the null hypothesis?

The null hypothesis concept began to be used in the first agricultural and medical applications of the statistics, and is responsible for making statements about a certain parameter of the population. What does this mean? That the null hypothesis is a statement that is never rejected … unless the data of the sample used show … Read more

What is net worth?

The concept of net worth is the difference between the asset and passive of a company. In this way, the net worth of a company comes from the reservations of the company, of the benefits generated, as well as of the contributions of its partners. Therefore, the meaning of net worth is the total value … Read more

What is networking?

The concept of networking is based on the establishment of a professional network of contacts, which allows us to get to know ourselves, both personally and in terms of . It will also help us to find potential investors or partners. It is one of the most frequent practices within the business environment and among … Read more

What is the NIE?

The Foreigner's Identification Number or NIE, is a code that serves to uniquely identify foreigners residing in Spain. Being in possession of the NIE is necessary to be able to work legally in Spain, as well as to register or to buy a vehicle. If a foreign citizen wants to start a company in Spain, … Read more