What is the national income?

National income, also known as national income, is the result of the sum of the set of total production of goods and services that have been produced throughout a financial year or year. The concept of national income thus includes workers' wages, rents, interests and the way in which capital is divided. Therefore, this term … Read more

What is bare ownership?

Many people sometimes choose to have extra income through their home. They deny the use of their property to receive the price of the purchase of that house, but still living in it. Do you want to know how or what it consists of? We will tell you. We talk about the concept of naked … Read more

What are non-operating expenses?

The concept of non-operating expenses or non-operations refers to the outflow of money from a company for unexpected reasons, which are not included in the daily routine of the business. In general, they are occasional payments that do not have a direct relationship with the company's corporate purpose or with its ordinary activities. In every … Read more

What is negotiation?

The concept of negotiation, key to understanding the world Training business, refers to the process of exchanging information and promises in which two or more interested parties intervene. These parties, who have common interests, try to reach a common agreement that benefits them equally. Given that the most characteristic feature of negotiation is the power … Read more

What is net assets?

Net assets is one of the economic terms that any company needs to take into account, since net assets are used to determine the value of a company. This is because the net asset consists of the capital available in a company when the total assets are subtracted by the debts that cause said assets. … Read more

What is naming?

The meaning of naming is the set of techniques used to name things. The main purpose is the creation of a brand name, service or object. This word comes from English and its translation would be appointment or denomination. This is a fairly complex task, since in some cases the success or failure of a … Read more

What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring is one of the ways to outsource services in a company, similar to offshoring. Specifically, it is known as nearshoring the process of outsourcing the work activity of a company through subcontracting with other companies. Furthermore, nearshoring implies that such subcontracting takes place in a relatively close country, this being one of the main … Read more

What is the net profit?

It is important to know what the net profit means, as well as its difference between gross profit. But what do both concepts mean? Net profit turns out to be the subtraction of net income and expenses that you have incurred over a period of time to be able to carry out a business activity. … Read more

What is notoriety?

The concept of notoriety is closely related to the strategies of marketing, in accordance with the actions carried out by the company. Notoriety is based on knowing if our target audience is aware that our brand exists. In this way, notoriety is related to the information that the user receives and has received about the … Read more

What is the NIF?

The Tax Identification Number or NIF, is a code that serves to uniquely identify persons (both physical and legal) who reside, work or carry out their activity (in the case of companies) in Spain. In the case of companies, it is also known as CIF (Fiscal Identification Code), although this term legally no longer exists, … Read more