What is Triage?

Triage is a term that is used in the medical field to refer to the process of assessing and prioritizing patients based on the severity of their medical condition. This process is used in order to ensure that the most critically ill patients are seen and treated first. What is an example of triage? In … Read more

Homemade Leverage.

Leverage is the use of debt to finance the purchase of an asset. Homemade leverage is the use of debt that is not incurred in the traditional sense, but rather created through the use of derivatives. This can be done by entering into a derivatives contract where the underlying asset is the debt instrument itself. … Read more

What is Credit Crunch?

When we talk about Credit Crunch we are referring to a contraction credit due to a financial crisis, in which severe restrictions are placed on bank credit. It can also be the tightening of the conditions that clients have to access new loans offered by the corresponding entities. In order to put this in motion, … Read more