Downside Risk.

Downside risk is the risk of incurring losses in excess of the expected return. This type of risk is often associated with investments that have the potential to generate high returns, but also come with a high degree of uncertainty. For investors, downside risk is a key concern when making investment decisions. Many investors will … Read more

How to Form a Limited Partnership.

Limited Partnership: Advantages and Disadvantages, How to Create One Can limited partners deduct losses? Yes, limited partners can deduct losses. The deduction is limited to the amount of the partner’s investment, however. What are the cons of limited liability partnership? The main disadvantage of a limited liability partnership (LLP) is that, unlike a traditional partnership, … Read more

What is the null hypothesis?

The null hypothesis concept began to be used in the first agricultural and medical applications of the statistics, and is responsible for making statements about a certain parameter of the population. What does this mean? That the null hypothesis is a statement that is never rejected … unless the data of the sample used show … Read more