Underwriting Spread.

Underwriting spread is the difference between the price at which an investment bank buys a security from a company and the price at which the investment bank sells the same security to investors. The underwriting spread compensates the investment bank for the risk it assumes when it agrees to buy the security and hold it … Read more

What Is a Waiver of Premium for Disability?

A waiver of premium for disability is a rider that can be added to a disability insurance policy. This rider waives the policyholder’s premium payments if they become disabled and are unable to work. The waiver of premium for disability rider is designed to help policyholders keep their coverage in force if they become disabled … Read more

FANG Stocks: Definition, Companies, Performance, and How to Invest.

FANG Stocks: What are They, Who are the Companies, How have They Performed, and How to Invest. What is FANG called now? FANG is now called “The Fab Five” which includes Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Apple. Why FAANG is famous? FAANG is an acronym for the five most popular and best-performing technology stocks in … Read more

What is the Penalized Actualized Value (VAP)?

The penalized updated value or VAP arises as an alternative to the classic risk assessment methods. It is therefore a method of dealing with risky investments. It is also known by its acronym in English PPV (Penalized Present Value). This method for risk analysis was developed by the Spanish economist Fernando G√≥mez Bezares in the … Read more