What is volatility?

The definition of volatility is the mechanism that measures the variability of the trajectories or fluctuations of prices, of the interest rates, of the profitability of a financial asset and any financial asset on the market. When the price of an asset reflects many movements and very quickly, it is said to be very volatile … Read more

What is the change in inventories?

The meaning of inventory variation in accounting is the difference between the stocks (mercaderías, materials and other supplies) at the beginning of an accounting year and those that exist at the end of that year. In some way it deals with analyzing the variation of the inventory that a company has in its warehouse. Inventories … Read more

What is virality?

When we speak of virality, we are referring to a mode of indirect transmission of information over the Internet. The characteristic of virality is that transmissions multiply in a short space of time. Content virality Such virality is based on the fact that the recipients of the information can in turn transmit it to their … Read more

What is the market value?

Market value is a term that represents the value of an item used at a given time. Usually the term market value is used in the sale of vehicles. To refer to market value who owns a used vehicle when it is put up for sale. The use of this term is also common in … Read more

Added value

Added value is a subjective term, which could be defined as the element that contributes to the end customer choosing our service or product instead of the competition. This added value must provide a benefit to the consumer, answering the question why the customer chooses our article over another. Therefore, we must carry out a … Read more

What are VPOs?

The acronym VPO is normally used in the real estate market to refer to a type of housing that has public protection, and, as such, are subject to limitations regarding their price. In general terms, they are partially subsidized by the State or the territorial administration in question. What are Official Protection Housing? The acronym … Read more

What is the turnover?

The volume of business is the total set of income that a company receives as a result of its activity. This income comes directly from the economic transactions that have been carried out by the company during a certain time. In addition, the concept of business volume directly includes the total value of those goods … Read more

What is a Statistical Variable?

The statistical variable is a characteristic or quality that an individual in a population possesses statistics and that it is prone to acquire certain values, which can be measured and are, for example, age, height, weight, etc. Types of statistical variables There are different types of statistical variables that are classified according to the characteristics … Read more

Variance concept

The variance in terms of probability and statistics is a variable represented through the dispersion of some data. Thus, the definition of variance is therefore the result of deviations with respect to the distribution mean. In other words, the concept of variance is an arithmetic mean. What is the variance for? The theory of variance … Read more