What is feasibility?

The definition of viability in business terms refers to the possibility that a project or business can progress, guaranteeing its long-term profitabilityeconomic. In a simple way, the concept of viability can be considered as the option that a project can be carried out, with a certain continuity over time. To do this, the resources you … Read more

What is Venture Capital?

The definition of Venture Capital is a type of financial operation in which an entity contributes capital to startups with high growth potential and high levels of riesgo. In exchange for this, it will control a percentage of the business, which will be between 20 and 30%, in addition to having a position on the … Read more

What is the Penalized Actualized Value (VAP)?

The penalized updated value or VAP arises as an alternative to the classic risk assessment methods. It is therefore a method of dealing with risky investments. It is also known by its acronym in English PPV (Penalized Present Value). This method for risk analysis was developed by the Spanish economist Fernando G√≥mez Bezares in the … Read more

What is the VAT refund?

The concept of VAT refund focuses on the fact that any legal person that is taxed can request the recovery of the VAT that they have paid in their business activity. The taxpayer may demand the return of the IVA when you have paid more amount related to this tax than you have received. The … Read more

What is furniture value?

According to Art. 3 of the LMV (Securities Market Law), the transferable securities are securities that are issued en masse and that are freely negotiated, conferring on the holder rights of participation in the equity, capital or profits of the issuer, credit, patrimonial, proprietary rights; with characteristics that may or may not be homogeneous in … Read more

What is book value?

The book value is also known by the name of book value. According to General Accounting Plan or PGC, the book value of a certain item is the net amount reflected in the accounting. The corresponding depreciation, impairment or corrections made to its value should be deducted from said book value. Types of book values … Read more

What are variable costs?

Variable costs, as opposed to fixed costs, are that part of the expenses that a company makes, directly related to the production of goods and services. And we say directly related to production, because variable costs are zero when there is no production. So if a company does not carry out the business, in principle … Read more

What is the Value Proposition?

A value proposition is what a makes it known about itself because it makes it different and useful compared to its competition and because users appreciate it. That is, it is something that distinguishes it from its competitors and so it can create a profit at the expense of it. To do this, the company … Read more

What is a voucher?

A voucher is a written or digital document that certifies the completion of a transacción económica, delivery of good or service, collection, purchase or expense that has been made between two parties. It can be the exchange of goods or services, a payment, a transfer, a collection, a purchase of goods outside the establishment, etc. … Read more

What is a virtual currency?

La cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies that are used to exchange goods and services through an electronic transaction system in which the presence of an intermediary is necessary. This could be a simple definition of cryptocurrency. Compared to other electronic money proposals, cryptocurrencies add the principles of cryptography to achieve in this way an anonymous, secure … Read more