Country Risk Premium (CRP).

Country risk premium (CRP) is the additional return that investors demand for investing in a particular country over and above the return they would expect from a risk-free investment in that country. The size of the country risk premium will depend on a number of factors, including the country’s political and economic stability, the level … Read more

Why Earned Premiums Matter.

In insurance, the earned premium is the amount of premium that an insurer has earned for a policy that is currently in force. The earned premium is important because it represents the portion of the premium that the insurer will keep regardless of whether or not the policy is eventually terminated. The earned premium is … Read more

What are deferred liabilities?

Did you know that when a natural or legal person receives certain income in advance for the provision of a future service, they are obliged to issue deferred liabilities? Indeed, the concept of deferred liability is quite common in installment sales in the business context or in advance payments between lessors and lessees. All the … Read more