Reservation Of Rights Letter.

A reservation of rights letter is a formal notice from an insurance company to a policyholder that, while the company will continue to provide coverage under the policy, it reserves the right to deny coverage for any claims that may arise from the policy. The letter may also state that the company will not be … Read more

Continuous Operations Definition.

The term “Continuous Operations Definition” refers to the definition of a set of operations which are to be carried out continuously in order to support the supply chain. This may include operations such as manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and customer service. The purpose of this definition is to ensure that the supply chain is able to … Read more

What is domestic demand?

When we talk about domestic demand or domestic demand, we refer to spending on goods and services and investments made by residents of a country during a certain period of time (which is normally every year, although it can be measured on a quarterly basis). In this case, when we speak of a resident, we … Read more