What Is a Dollar Auction?

In a dollar auction, bidders compete to win an auction by paying the lowest price. The winner is the person who pays the lowest price. The losing bidders pay the difference between their bid and the winning bid. For example, imagine that there are two bidders in an auction. The first bidder bids $1. The … Read more

Basis Trading Definition.

Basis trading is an investment strategy that involves taking a long or short position in a security or commodity, while simultaneously taking an offsetting position in a related security or commodity. The goal of basis trading is to profit from the price differential between the two securities or commodities. Basis trading can be used to … Read more

What is a Statistical Variable?

The statistical variable is a characteristic or quality that an individual in a population possesses statistics and that it is prone to acquire certain values, which can be measured and are, for example, age, height, weight, etc. Types of statistical variables There are different types of statistical variables that are classified according to the characteristics … Read more