Dark Cloud Cover Definition and Example.

A dark cloud cover is a bearish reversal pattern that forms after an uptrend. It is created when a black candlestick opens below the close of the previous white candlestick and then closes below the midpoint of the previous candlestick’s real body. The pattern gets its name from the black candlestick that appears to be … Read more

Insolvency: Definition, How It Works, Contributing Factors.

. What is Insolvency? How Does Insolvency Work? What Are the Contributing Factors to Insolvency? What can we learn from Chapter 11? Debt management is the process of handling debt in a responsible and effective way. This includes understanding different types of debt, developing a budget, and creating a plan to pay off debt. There … Read more

SKEW Index.

A skew index is a measure of the degree of asymmetry in a distribution. It is a simple way to quantify the amount of skew in a distribution. The skew index is equal to the difference between the mean and median divided by the standard deviation. A distribution is said to be symmetric if the … Read more

What is merchandising?

A definition of merchandising could be the set of techniques that are put in place at the point of sale with the purpose of motivating the customer to buy. It can be said that the placement or location of the articles in a store influence sales since in some cases they push the purchase by … Read more