What Was Assessable Stock?

The term “What Was Assessable Stock?” is used to describe a class of stock that was created in order to provide investors with a way to invest in a company without having to pay taxes on the dividends that they received from the company. This type of stock was created in order to encourage investment … Read more

Spinoff Definition Plus Why and How a Company Creates One.

A spinoff is a type of corporate restructuring in which a company separates itself into two independent companies. A spinoff is typically done to unlock value for shareholders or to focus on two different business segments. There are several reasons why a company might create a spinoff, including to: – divest itself of a non-core … Read more

Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP).

A systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) allows investors to receive regular payments from their investment portfolio. The payments are typically made on a monthly or quarterly basis, and the amount of each payment is determined by the investor’s investment goals and objectives. There are two main types of systematic withdrawal plans: those that are designed to … Read more

Laggard Definition.

A laggard is a company or an investment that significantly underperforms its peers. Laggards typically have poor fundamentals and are often late to embrace new technology or other industry trends. As a result, laggards tend to be less profitable and have higher risks than their more successful peers. Laggards are often behind the curve in … Read more

What is a deferred asset?

Despite being classified as an asset, the concept of deferred asset refers to expenses already paid but not yet used. The main objective of all this is not to alter the financial accounts of the companies in the periods in which those disbursements classified as expenses have not been used. At any time a company … Read more