Mutual Fund Cash Level.

A mutual fund’s cash level is the percentage of its assets that are invested in cash and cash equivalents, such as short-term Treasury bills. The cash level is disclosed in the fund’s prospectus and is updated daily on the fund’s website. A fund’s cash level can be a good indicator of its riskiness. A fund … Read more

What Is Business Consolidation?

Business consolidation is the process of bringing together two or more businesses into a single entity. This can be done through a merger or acquisition, or through the formation of a new company that combines the assets and operations of the existing businesses. There are many reasons why companies may choose to consolidate their businesses. … Read more

What is crowdlending?

The term crowdlending has its origin in the crowdfunding, which appeared in the 90s as a system dedicated to financing small projects of a cultural or artistic nature through so-called patrons or individuals who contributed capital in the form of donations or in exchange for a non-monetary reward. Crowdfunding evolved over time giving rise to … Read more