Pay Yourself First.

The term “pay yourself first” is a financial planning mantra that advocates building up one’s savings and investment accounts before making any other major financial commitments. The logic behind this approach is that by saving and investing first, you will be less likely to spend money on unnecessary things. Additionally, by paying yourself first, you … Read more

How Progress Billings Work.

Progress billings are a type of invoicing that is commonly used in construction and other project-based businesses. Rather than billing for the entire project at once, progress billings allow businesses to bill their clients for each phase of the project as it is completed. This can be helpful in managing cash flow, as businesses only … Read more

What is black money?

The name of black money is given to money that is not declared before the competent fiscal or monetary authorities of the country where the transaction has been made. Money laundering is based on the operation of converting said black money into money obtained legally, a procedure used by people who act criminally (drug traffickers, … Read more