Counter-Cyclical Stock Definition.

A counter-cyclical stock is a type of stock that tends to outperform the market during periods of economic recession. This type of stock is typically associated with companies that are considered to be essential, such as food and drug companies, or companies that provide services that are considered to be essential, such as utilities. The … Read more

Real Estate: Definition, Types, How to Invest in It.

What is Real Estate? Real estate is a piece of land or property that has been developed for human habitation. It can be either commercial or residential in nature. What are the different types of Real Estate? There are many different types of real estate, but the most common are residential and commercial. Residential real … Read more

What is point of purchase (POP) in marketing?

Point of purchase (POP) is the location in a retail store where a customer makes a transaction with the merchant. It is also the point at which a customer decides whether to buy a product or not. For many retailers, the point of purchase is the most important part of the store, as it is … Read more