How Bilateral Monopolies Work.

In a bilateral monopoly, there is only one firm on each side of the market. This can happen in a number of ways. For example, there may be only one firm producing a good, and only one firm buying that good. Alternatively, there may be only one firm selling a good in a particular geographic … Read more

How Capital Recovery Works.

Capital recovery is the process of recouping the initial investment in an asset through periodic payments, typically over the course of its useful life. The payments may be made in equal installments, or they may vary over time. The goal of capital recovery is to ensure that the asset produces enough income to cover its … Read more

What is import?

A definition of import is the set of goods and services acquired by a country in another territory for use in the national territory. This term, together with exports, plays an essential role in the accounting of the states. It is a commercial operation that focuses on the purchase of articles that are abroad and … Read more