How to Calculate Z-Score.

. How to Calculate Z-Score: To calculate a z-score, you need to know the mean and standard deviation of the data set. Then, you subtract the mean from each data point and divide by the standard deviation. How do you find the Z-score step by step? To calculate a Z-score, you first need to calculate … Read more

Isoquant Curve: Properties and Formula.

The Isoquant Curve: Properties and Formula What are the assumptions and properties of an isoquant? Assuming that we are referring to a two-dimensional isoquant, the isoquant represents all of the different combinations of two inputs (usually labor and capital) that can be used to produce a specific level of output. Isoquants are usually downward sloping, … Read more

Steady-State Economy.

A steady state economy is an economic system in which the level of production of goods and services remains constant. The term can refer to: * A national or global economy with stable or mildly fluctuating levels of aggregate output ( gross domestic product) and employment; * An economy with no or very low economic … Read more

De-Anonymization Definition.

De-anonymization is the process of identifying a person from a dataset that has been anonymized. De-anonymization can be used for good or bad purposes. For example, de-anonymization can be used to help people find their family members who were lost in a natural disaster. However, de-anonymization can also be used for malicious purposes, such as … Read more