Address Verification Service (AVS).

The Address Verification Service (AVS) is a system used to verify the address of a person or business. This service is often used by businesses that send out large quantities of mail, such as banks and credit card companies. The AVS system can also be used by individuals to verify their own address. The AVS … Read more

Writ of Attachment.

A writ of attachment is a legal order issued by a court requiring a person or entity to surrender property to a creditor. The writ is used to collect on a debt or judgment, and is typically issued when a debtor fails to respond to a summons or other legal notice. In many jurisdictions, a … Read more

Three Inside Up/Down Definition.

The Three Inside Up/Down pattern is a bullish/bearish reversal pattern that can be found on candlestick charts. The pattern is made up of three candlesticks, with the first being a bearish candlestick, the second being a bullish candlestick, and the third being another bullish candlestick. The pattern is considered to be a bullish reversal pattern … Read more