Footprint Charts.

Footprint charts are a type of chart that shows the price action of a security or asset, along with the volume traded at each price level. This provides a more detailed view of price action than a traditional candlestick or bar chart, and can be useful for identifying buying and selling pressure, as well as … Read more

Box-Jenkins Model Definition.

The Box-Jenkins model definition is a statistical approach to time series forecasting that is used to identify and model the underlying patterns in data. This approach was developed in the 1970s by George Box and Gwilym Jenkins. The Box-Jenkins model definition involves three steps: 1. Identify the type of time series data that is being … Read more

3 Outside Up/Down Patterns.

The three outside up/down pattern is a bullish/bearish reversal pattern that can occur at the end of a downtrend or an uptrend. The pattern consists of three candles, with the first candle being a bearish candle, the second candle being a bullish candle, and the third candle being a bullish/bearish candle that closes above/below the … Read more

What Does Autoregressive Mean?

An autoregressive (AR) model is a statistical model that uses past values of a variable in order to predict future values of that same variable. The term “autoregressive” comes from the fact that the model is a regression model in which the dependent variable is a function of its own past values. The order of … Read more

What Is Symmetrical Distribution?

In statistics, symmetrical distribution is a type of distribution where the data is evenly distributed around the center point. This means that if you were to plot the data on a graph, it would look like a bell curve. Symmetrical distribution is also sometimes called normal distribution. How many shapes of distribution are there? There … Read more

Gartley Pattern Definition.

Gartley patterns are a type of harmonic pattern, which is a specific price structure that is identified using Fibonacci numbers. The Gartley pattern is one of the most commonly used harmonic patterns, and it is used to predict potential reversals in the market. The Gartley pattern is created by drawing two trend lines that connect … Read more