What Is a Flexible Expense?

A flexible expense is an expense that can be changed or adjusted, depending on the needs of the individual or family. This type of expense is often used in budgeting, as it allows for some flexibility in spending. Flexible expenses can include items such as food, clothing, and entertainment. How do you categorize a budget … Read more

Bankruptcy: Types and How It Works.

Bankruptcy: Types and How It Works What are the five steps in bankruptcy? 1. The first step in bankruptcy is to assess your financial situation and figure out if filing for bankruptcy is the right option for you. This means taking a close look at your income, expenses, debts, and assets. 2. The second step … Read more

What is the Dickey-Fuller Test?

The Dickey-Fuller test is a test that uses the statistics to know the presence of a stochastic trend behavior in time series of the variables that make up the test, by means of a hypothesis test. In other words, the Dickey-Fuller test will help us to know if there is a significant presence of trend … Read more