Monetarist Theory Definition.

Monetarism is a school of thought in economics that emphasizes the role of money in the development and performance of an economy. Monetarist theory is based on the quantity theory of money, which states that the money supply has a direct and proportional relationship with inflation and economic growth. The most well-known monetarist is Milton … Read more

Bank Levy.

A bank levy is a legal claim that a creditor can make against a debtor’s bank account. This allows the creditor to take funds from the account to satisfy a debt. In order to levy a bank account, the creditor must first obtain a court order or writ of execution. How do you stop a … Read more

Sharing Economy Definition.

The sharing economy is a term used to describe the collaborative consumption of goods and services. This can take many forms, but typically involves individuals sharing resources (such as cars, houses, or tools) with each other, often via an online platform or network. The sharing economy has been growing in popularity in recent years, as … Read more