A cramdown is a type of bankruptcy reorganization in which a judge confirms a reorganization plan over the objections of some creditors. In a cramdown, the judge may “cram down” the plan by approving it over the objections of creditors who do not support the plan. Cramdowns are relatively rare, and they are most likely … Read more

Flash Trading Definition.

Flash trading is a type of trading that occurs when a trade is executed at a price that is better than the prevailing quote or inside the bid/ask spread. A trade that occurs at a price that is worse than the prevailing quote or outside the bid/ask spread is considered a slow trade. Flash trades … Read more

What is an amortization table?

An amortization table is a table where the payment schedule that a company or individual must face to which a loan is granted appears. It will show the different payments that the borrower will bear during the duration of the loan. The term of the loan repayment table includes the status of the return of … Read more