Pushdown Accounting.

Pushdown accounting is a term used to describe the process of moving information from the general ledger of a company down to the individual ledger accounts of that company. This process is used to provide more detailed information to managers and other decision-makers within the company. The main advantage of pushdown accounting is that it … Read more

What is the earnings per share?

When we speak of earnings per share (EPS) we are referring to a stock market ratio that measures how much profit, from what is obtained by the company as a result of its actions, will have each share that the partners have. How to calculate BPA In order to calculate this value, we use the … Read more

What is the efficient frontier?

When we speak of efficient frontier we refer to the concept of efficient portfolio frontier, it is the most efficient and profitable set of portfolios that we can see that are traded because the profitability expected is higher compared to other portfolios that are not. This is measured by looking at and comparing the different … Read more