¿Qué es Other things being equal?

When we mention the expression Ceteris paribus we are referring to a term or phrase in Latin (originally Other things being equal) which refers to everything else being constant. It is normally used in economic and financial analysis, to be able to explain certain aspects and save time. When the term ceteris paribus is used, … Read more

What are the opportunities of a company?

The definition of opportunities in the business field refers to the possibility of improving a company. They are positive factors and with the option of being exploited by the company. To recognize opportunities, you have to answer a series of questions such as: What positive opportunities does the business face? What technology changes are taking … Read more

What is outplacement?

The term outplacement is used very frequently in the business world, more specifically in the sector of human resources. The meaning of outplacement is the different mechanisms that an organization adopts to assist an employee who is left without a job after a restructuring. There are a number of essential aspects that are included in … Read more

What is a takeover bid?

The definition of OPA refers to the acronym of takeover bid. It is a stock market operation for which a company or person makes an offer for the acquisition of all or part of the shares of a listed entity. bag at a specific price. OPAs are operations motivated by exceptional demands for shares and … Read more

What is the occupancy rate?

The employment rate, also known as the employment rate, is a ratio used to calculate the percentage of people who are working with respect to the total population that is of working age -or active population-, considering that the employed population is one who, having more than 16 years, is working for their own account … Read more

What is organization?

An organization is a defined system to achieve certain objectives. These systems may be composed of other linked subsystems that perform specific functions. It can also be defined as a social group made up of people, tasks and administration, which are related to each other within a systematic structure in order to achieve goals. It … Read more

What is operating margin?

The operating margin is also known as the EBIT margin or the operating margin. It is a financial ratio that expresses the profitability of a specific company, depending on the profits it has obtained, and before taxes are deducted and interests. In order to have this margin, it is necessary to divide the EBIT by … Read more

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Having up to date all the information that, as a company or brand, we release is essential to be in contact with the people who most require that information. Therefore, it is important to analyze and measure everything that we are going to talk or comment on the network. ORM (online reputation management) or online … Read more

What is the aggregate offer?

The concept of Aggregate Offer (OA) is referred to in macroeconomía to the production that companies would be willing to sell based on an average price level, certain costs and certain business expectations. Broadly speaking, companies will want to sell all their output at the highest possible prices. However, both production costs and business expectations … Read more

whta’t is the opening Commission?

The concept of opening commission refers to the amount of money that a financial institution charges at the time of formalizing the loan and whose justification is to cover the administrative and management expenses of the loan. The opening commission serves to promote a good interest rate, that is, a product with a very low … Read more