What is outplacement?

The term outplacement is used very frequently in the business world, more specifically in the sector of human resources. The meaning of outplacement is the different mechanisms that an organization adopts to assist an employee who is left without a job after a restructuring.

There are a number of essential aspects that are included in the sessions carried out by outplacement experts:

  • Analyze the current reality regarding employment.
  • Personalized help.
  • Establish a plan for the future.
  • Establish a series of objectives and possibilities in the workplace.

What is sought with outplacement is to make it easier for the worker to rejoin the labor market, so that he can get a new job quickly and at the same time the company does not see its image affected by possible negative comments due to the dismissal.

What is outplacement for in companies?

Outplacement is very useful for organizations. The intention is that the two parties involved: worker and company benefit. Next, we show you what outoplacement is for:

  • It makes the personnel restructuring process easier for the company.
  • Helps the reputation of the not hurt by layoffs.
  • The person who leaves the organization will receive support when looking for a new job and thus continue their future work elsewhere.
  • The basic objective is to reduce the time it takes for the professional to find a new position.

For you to better understand this concept we will show you examples of outplacement. When in a restructuring process the services of more than 30 employees are dispensed with, it would be convenient to offer them participation in an outplacement plan. It must be done with authorized companies and last at least six months, as long as the company does not file for bankruptcy.

This process would include training, orientation, personalized attention and active job search measures.

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