What is a Bidder?

When we speak of the offeror, we refer to the person (natural or legal) that provides or gives a product or service to another. The antonym of this concept would be the plaintiff, who is the person who requires the good or service that the offeror is selling. The objective of the offerer is to … Read more

What is Open Source?

Open Source or open source is a software development model that is based on open collaboration, that is, the program in question is allowed to be modified in an open way, with the freedom that expert users on the subject can choose how the program will work and change certain characteristics of it. Many open … Read more

What is an NGO?

An NGO corresponds to the acronym of Non-Governmental Organization and is an association or entity whose purpose is to serve society through humanitarian purposes. This definition of NGO cannot be understood without its character cooperative that acts outside the public administrations, with the pretense of offering some kind of help but without the intention of … Read more

What are operating expenses?

The definition of operating expenses are the different expenses that a company incurs for the proper functioning of the main activity. It refers mainly to the ordinary expenses of the company that are precise for the purpose for which it was established, that is, the expenses associated with the normal activity of the company. Example … Read more

What is the opening balance?

The opening balance expresses the situation in which the company is at the beginning of an accounting year. That is, it is the balance that is made at the beginning of each Accounting cycleto see how they are financial state and the financial situation at the beginning of each year. The opening balance in accounting … Read more

What is organizational culture?

The concept of organizational culture is linked to the idea in the field of organizational and management studies that describes the beliefs, values, psychology and attitudes, both cultural and personal, of an entity. Another more complete definition of organizational culture can be the concrete set of values ​​and norms that are shared by the different … Read more

What is the open rate?

The concept of open rate in digital marketing refers to the metric that collects the number of recipients who have opened an email marketing campaign. The open rate is displayed as a percentage. What is the open rate in marketing? The open rate is not a 100% reliable measure. Managing an open email only happens … Read more

What are operating expenses?

Operating expenses are those that allow to maintain the daily activity of a company, which are not usually directly linked to production. Both the term operating expenses and operational expenses are often used. These costs are incurred in the normal development of the economic entity, according to the purpose for which it was founded and … Read more

What is offer?

When we talk about supply from an economic point of view, we are actually referring to the supply curve. Or what is the same, the line that determines the quantity that the bidders are willing to offer in the market for each of the possible prices. It is important to bear in mind that it … Read more

What is the opportunity cost?

The definition of opportunity cost is what we give up when making an economic decision, including the benefits that could have been achieved by choosing the alternative option. This term was a creation of Friedrich with Wieser in his Theory of the Social Economy in 1914. The opportunity cost is, therefore, the different resources that … Read more