What are the opportunities of a company?

The definition of opportunities in the business field refers to the possibility of improving a company. They are positive factors and with the option of being exploited by the company. To recognize opportunities, you have to answer a series of questions such as: What positive opportunities does the business face? What technology changes are taking … Read more

What is Oligopsony?

An oligopsony is a market for a product or service in which power is held by its applicants or buyers. It can be said that it is the opposite term to monopolyInstead of being the bidders who have the power, the buyers have it. This is due to the fact that in an oligopsony, there … Read more

What is outplacement?

The term outplacement is used very frequently in the business world, more specifically in the sector of human resources. The meaning of outplacement is the different mechanisms that an organization adopts to assist an employee who is left without a job after a restructuring. There are a number of essential aspects that are included in … Read more

What is offshoring?

The concept of offshoring is the relocation that a company makes when it moves its factories or production systems to another country or territories. It is a process that is the result of globalization. An example of this are the companies that until recently produced in Europe, but that in view of the salary advantages … Read more

What is operating margin?

The operating margin is also known as the EBIT margin or the operating margin. It is a financial ratio that expresses the profitability of a specific company, depending on the profits it has obtained, and before taxes are deducted and interests. In order to have this margin, it is necessary to divide the EBIT by … Read more

What is an owner?

When we speak of the term owner, we refer to the person who owns or owns something in particular. Normally, in the world of economics, property refers to real property, although it can be anything else in which a person (natural or legal) is designated as the owner of that "something". The person who owns … Read more

What is the aggregate offer?

The concept of Aggregate Offer (OA) is referred to in macroeconomía to the production that companies would be willing to sell based on an average price level, certain costs and certain business expectations. Broadly speaking, companies will want to sell all their output at the highest possible prices. However, both production costs and business expectations … Read more

What is an organization chart?

When we speak of an organization chart, we refer to a graphic representation of a company or organization, configured as a hierarchical and functional diagram. That is, a diagram, in which the different positions of the company are represented, from the top to the bottom. Blocks are usually established, based on functions or other criteria. … Read more

What is an obligation

An obligation is a type of debt instrument that is not secured by physical assets. This type of financing is widely used by both governments and large companies in order to obtain funds or liquidity in the form of a loan. The obligations (debenture in English) are one of the most common forms of financing … Read more

What is the occupancy rate?

The employment rate, also known as the employment rate, is a ratio used to calculate the percentage of people who are working with respect to the total population that is of working age -or active population-, considering that the employed population is one who, having more than 16 years, is working for their own account … Read more