Box-Jenkins Model Definition.

The Box-Jenkins model definition is a statistical approach to time series forecasting that is used to identify and model the underlying patterns in data. This approach was developed in the 1970s by George Box and Gwilym Jenkins. The Box-Jenkins model definition involves three steps: 1. Identify the type of time series data that is being … Read more

83(b) Election: How to File and When to File It.

How to Make an 83(b) Election: A Tax Strategy Guide Can you make an 83b election on non qualified stock options? An 83(b) election is an irrevocable election made by an employee to be taxed on the fair market value of restricted stock at the time of grant, rather than when the restrictions lapse. The … Read more


The goodness-of-fit test is a statistical test that is used to assess how well a model fits a dataset. The test measures the discrepancy between the model and the data, and is often used to assess the fit of a model to data. The test can be used to assess the goodness-of-fit of a model … Read more