Charging Bull Definition.

The Charging Bull, also known as the Wall Street Bull, is a sculpture by American artist Arturo Di Modica that stands in Bowling Green Park in the Financial District of New York City. The 7,100-pound (3,200 kg) bronze sculpture depicts a raging bull, with its head lowered and horns ready to attack. The sculpture is … Read more

Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO).

A self-regulatory organization (SRO) is an organization that regulates its members in order to protect investors and the integrity of the market. SROs are typically industry-sponsored, and they have the authority to create and enforce rules that govern their members. The most well-known SRO in the United States is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). … Read more

Weekend Effect.

The weekend effect is a phenomenon where stock prices tend to rise on the first trading day after a weekend. This effect is typically observed in the US stock market, but has also been seen in other markets around the world. There are a number of possible explanations for the weekend effect, but the most … Read more

Listings for Stocks That Trade Over-the-Counter.

Listings for Stocks That Trade Over-the-Counter What are Pink No information OTC stocks? Pink No Information OTC stocks are those that are not traded on a major exchange, and as such, do not have to provide the same level of disclosure as stocks that are listed on an exchange. These stocks are often penny stocks, … Read more

Friendly Takeover.

A friendly takeover is an acquisition in which the target company’s board of directors agrees to the acquisition. A friendly takeover can be done via a merger or an acquisition of shares. A hostile takeover, on the other hand, is an acquisition in which the target company’s board of directors does not agree to the … Read more

What Is the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)?

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) is a stock exchange located in Canada. It is owned by TMX Group Ltd., which also owns the Toronto Stock Exchange. The CSE is the ninth largest stock exchange in North America by market capitalization. The CSE began operations in 2003 as the Canadian Trading and Quotation System (CNQ), which … Read more

Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) .

MX. The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) is the main stock exchange in Mexico. It is located in Mexico City and was founded in 1894. The BMV is the second largest stock exchange in Latin America, after Brazil’s BM&F Bovespa. The Mexican Stock Exchange is made up of two exchanges: the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) which … Read more

Equity Market.

The equity market is the market for shares of ownership in corporations. This market exists so that companies can raise money by selling shares to investors and so that investors can buy and sell shares in companies. The equity market can be divided into two main types: the primary market and the secondary market. The … Read more

What Is a Member?

A member is an individual who is a member of a particular organization or group. In the stock market, a member is an individual or firm that is a member of a stock exchange. Members of a stock exchange are typically allowed to trade stocks and other securities on the exchange floor. What is exchange … Read more

Russell Small Cap Completeness Index Definition.

The Russell Small Cap Completeness Index Definition is a market capitalization-weighted index that measures the performance of the small-cap segment of the U.S. equity market. The index is comprised of all the U.S. stocks in the Russell 3000 Index that have a market capitalization of less than $3 billion. What is a Russell rebalance? A … Read more