Definition of Microenterprise

A microenterprise is generally a small independent business, which is why in some countries it is known as a small business. Depending on the legislation of the country, the requirements of microenterprises vary, but in Spain you must meet the following conditions to be considered a business:

  • That its number of employees does not exceed 10.
  • That the net amount of the annual amount of business does not exceed 2 million euros.
  • That the total of the asset items does not amount to more than one million euros.

The Spanish Multisectorial Association of Micro-companies (AEMME) brings together micro-companies as individual entrepreneurs, autonomous and corporate entrepreneur. Likewise, it is possible to resort to different financing systems to create and manage this type of company. These grants are generally aimed at young entrepreneurs under 30 or 35 years of age, depending on the country in which the microenterprise is created.

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