Economic Activities Tax (IAE)

The Economic Activities Tax or IAE, as its name indicates, is a tax that is applied directly to any type of economic activity.

This tax affects natural and legal persons, which means that all those who carry out a business, professional or artistic activity must pay it.

It is a impuesto which is managed mainly by municipalities. It is a fixed tax, that is: the amount to be paid is always the same.

Who is not obliged to pay the IAE?

The Tax System provides exemptions for the payment of this tax. In this way it can be said that they are not obliged to pay it:

  • Workers autonomous that have not created a community of property or civil partnerships.
  • Companies or professionals engaged in operations not subject to the payment of this tax.

Furthermore, the law establishes that companies do not pay this tax during the first two years of activity and that they only do so if their turnover exceeds one million euros in the penultimate year prior to accrual.

Más information about IAE In the following link.


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