What is the open rate?

The concept of open rate in digital marketing refers to the metric that collects the number of recipients who have opened an email marketing campaign. The open rate is displayed as a percentage.

What is the open rate in marketing?

The open rate is not a 100% reliable measure. Managing an open email only happens when the recipient of the email is able to display HTML with images or if they click on a link in the email that shows activity.

These email marketing ratios should never be taken as 100% real, but these statistics can be used as a way to measure trends in campaigns or as a general guide. The fact that a person is in a database or subscribed to a list does not imply that they will be interested in everything that is sent to them.

There is no exact figure to define if the open rate is good or bad. The result will depend on various aspects such as the way it was measured, how it was sent, the time, the subject of the message, the layout or the size of the list. In any case, an open rate that is around 10-20% can be considered positive.

To improve the open rate of email marketing, you should send the campaigns at different times and days, place the most important content at the top of the newsletter, update the database, experiment with the subject of the campaign and segment in the as much as possible the message to reach specific groups in the database.
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Open rate formula

To calculate the email click rate in marketing, you have to divide the total number of open emails by the total emails sent and multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage.

Open rate = (Open emails / Sent emails) x 100

An open rate of 20% implies that of every 100 emails sent to the database in a given campaign, 20 were opened.

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