Electronic banking

Electronic banking, or also called virtual or online banking, is a service provided by financial institutions whose mission is to allow their clients to carry out operations and transactions with their products autonomously, independently, securely and quickly over the Internet.

Among the most typical transactions that can be carried out through this service Bank electronics are the transfers, the sending and receiving of files or management notebooks and the consultation of the movements of the accounts. From the consumer's point of view, virtual banking offers a number of advantages but also disadvantages.

Among the advantages is the convenience of being able to operate from anywhere, the time savings that this entails and the costs for the bank that can or should affect the customer. Among the main concerns of customers is the issue of security and little information on the possibilities that this service offers.

For the use of electronic banking, the most appropriate thing is to request information from the manager of the boothspecialized in these services and negotiate with the entity the conditions that will be applied in the use of these remote channels.

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